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How do I install and set up an eSIM on my Android device?

  1. Get your QR-ready and open your android device

2. Go to Settings on your device

3. Tap on Network & Internet

4. Tap the Add or + icon next to Mobile Network

5. Tap Next when asked, “Don’t have a SIM card?”

6. Scan your QR code and add the confirmation code if prompted

7. Go back to your “Install eSIM/Access Data” screen.

8. Turn on eSIM under Mobile Network

9. Enable Mobile Data

10. Enable Data Roaming (Please turn off your primary line to avoid roaming charges from your carrier provider when overseas)

11. Go to Network & Internet and tap on the Mobile network to set the correct network preferences listed in the Additional Info which is at the bottom-right of the selected data package page.

12. Set up an APN(access point name) on your device if required. 

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