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When is it safe to remove eSIMs from my device?

You can safely remove eSIMs from your device when:

There is no longer an active data package for the eSIM

  • When you buy an eSIM from SimXL, it always comes with a data pack that is ready to be activated. You can see this from your account if there is still an active data package for your eSIM (not yet expired). If this is the case, please do not delete the eSIM from the device.

You no longer have a use for it

  • If you have an eSIM that you no longer plan to use, you can safely remove it.

Your new eSIM is for the same country/region

  • When you buy an eSIM from the store, you will receive a new eSIM each time. The new eSIM will always need to be installed. It’s always best to start to install on a clean slate to avoid confusion on which eSIM is in the device. 

To remove your eSIMs from the device, navigate to your device’s Mobile/Cellular Settings, tap on the eSIM you want to delete, and select “Remove Mobile Data Plan”. Depending on the device, it can also be “Remove eSIM”, “Delete Mobile Plan”, or something similar.

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